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These are the different applications created and maintained by our group.


PeSV-Fisher is a pipeline for the detection of five general types of structural variants (SVs): deletions, gains, intra- and inter-chromosomal translocations, and inversions, at very reasonable computational costs. The pipeline further provides comprehensive information on co-localization of SVs in the genome, a key aspect for studying biological consequences. The algorithm uses a combination of methods based on paired-reads (PR) and read-depth strategies (RD). PeSV-Fisher has been designed with the aim to facilitate identification of somatic variation, and, as such, it is capable of analysing two or more samples simultaneously, producing a list of non-shared variants between samples, although it can also analyse individual samples.

Download the latest version of PeSV-Fisher from here: PeSVFisher-0.93.tar.gz

Access to the quick guideline, dependencies, test data and demo through the link: http://gd.crg.es/tools/PeSVFisher/

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