Nov/2009 - onwards PhD in Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics Group, CRG, Barcelona, Spain
May/2009 - Sep/2009 Visiting researcher in Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics Group, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain
Oct/2008 - May/2009 Master training in Computational Biology, Biology Department, University of York, York, England
Oct/2007 - Jun/2008 Junior researcher in Molecular Biology, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, England
Oct/2004 - Jun/2007 Bachelor training in Biotechnology, Genetics Department, Silesian University, Katowice, Poland


I'm PhD student in Comparative Genomics group @ CRG.
My principal research interest lie in creating new computational tools and applying existing ones to address molecular biology, and evolutionary questions.
I'm studying the virulence mechanisms gained by various taxa. Currenly, I'm focused on Candida clade (fungi), for two reasons. Firstly, Saccharomycotina is the best sampled clade in terms of a number of fully sequenced species/strains. Secondly, these are the species of high biological importance due to their pathogenicity (high variability), and several life styles.
In addiction, I'm focused on reliable, large-scale, phylogeny-based, orhtology and paralogy predictions. We developed metaPhOrths – phylogeny-based repository for orthologs and paralogs that incorporates phylogenetic trees from PhylomeDB, Ensembl, TreeFam, EggNOG, OrthoMCL, Fungal Orthogroups, Hogenom & COG.

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